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About Tehran Novin Co

Tehran Novin Company has been established in 1999 and active in design, installation and operation of manufacturing plant of concrete pipes.Since 1999, Tehran Novin Company has been the contractor of production and sale of the Tehran Pipe Manufacturing Company and also The Water and Sewage concrete pipe factory of Isfahan Company.

About Us

Our Partner Companies

Tehran Novin Company is the EXCLUSIVE AGENT of foreign companies in Iran: FRIMA, SchlusselBauer, Agru, BAK and Appilion that the activities of above mentioned companies has been introduced as follow.

Partner Companies

T.N.I Projects

This company has been implemented the project of high voltage transmission line cable of Isfahan Regional Electric Company in the University of Isfahan (from SOFFEH Mountains through the University of Isfahan) by concrete pipe 2400 – 1/5 meter in order to supply the electricity of Isfahan Metro.




AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a major, international manufacturer of innovative plastic products such as piping systems, semi-finished products, concrete protective liners and geomembranes. The Austrian family business with some 900 staff worldwide is managed by Director Mag. Alois Gruber. The head office and 4 production facilities are located in Bad Hall, Upper Austria.


Apilion Company

apilion machinery and plants are in successful operation worldwide. apilion is a leading manufacturer of innovative automatic and semi-automatic cage welding machines for the production of high precision cages for precast concrete (pressure) pipes, driven and bored piles, poles, girders, columns and box culverts as well as other structural elements .

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Frima Company

FRIMA is an innovative German engineering company for the concrete industry with great wealth of experience. An integrated planning and design in 3D CAD is natural for us. Our machines and equipment are easy to operate with low spare part consumption and high efficiency.

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BAK is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic welding equipment, Extruders, Heaters and Blowers. We are the solution for Plastic Fabrication, Print- and Packaging, Pipe construction, Roofing, Civil Engineering, Tunneling, Process Heat, Tarpaulins, Flooring and much more. BAK is a Swiss based Company with their own production-, development and Warehouse facilities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We have in more than 30 countries sales and service centres.

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